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Nick Sorensen Talks New DC Role; 3 Takeaways from Rookie Minicamp

For the first time since being named the San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator, Nick Sorensen discussed his new position, responsibilities and expectations as he takes over as the team's defensive playcaller. Sorensen is entering his third season with San Francisco, spending the 2022 season as a defensive assistant and last year as a defensive passing game/nickel coach. He takes over after working under former defensive coordinators DeMeco Ryans (2022) and Steve Wilks (2023).

Below are three takeaways from Sorensen's rookie minicamp press conference:

Sorensen detailed the identity he hopes to maintain with the 49ers defensive unit.

"I want them to see that we are still the standard of what we have always been," Sorensen outlined. "(We're) an attacking defense that plays fast, we play violent, we play with speed and we finish."

The defensive coordinator discussed the biggest changes he's experienced transitioning to his current role.

"Now you're in charge of things," Sorensen said. "You have to plan your days differently. You have to plan it out for the rest of the staff. You're more involved with the draft which was cool. It's, overall, not just a certain position so that's been fun."

Sorensen will be working with a new addition to the 49ers coaching staff, Brandon Staley, who joins the team after a three-season stint as the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers and has worked primarily on the defensive side for the better part of 18 years.

"Adding Brandon Staley has been awesome for me," Sorensen said. "He has experience as a coordinator. He has experience as a head coach, so he sees things holistically. He knows how to build plans, and just getting him in here, spending extra hours talking football with him - he's very bright. He's really a humble guy who is smart and knows football. He's been really awesome and helpful for me.

"He's helping me overall. He's been involved with pretty much everything... I've been talking him through how we play certain things, watching stuff throughout the league and what other teams do, some of the things he did, would this fit, would it not fit in our defense... He's been more connected with the DBs, nickels, and he also has experience elsewhere with defensive ends and outside linebackers. With the staff that we have, I think it's just going to be really helpful."

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