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Crow Gets up Close, Personal with Levi's® Stadium Camera

In this Friday edition of Niners Daily, we catch a curious intruder videobombing our camera high above Levi's® Stadium.

Faceoff for the NHL Stadium Series matchup between the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings isn't until Saturday night.

But this viral crow is already a leader in the clubhouse for being one of the game's three stars.

As the NHL crew converted the football field into a hockey rink, the crow decided to interrupt the timelapse and give "bird's eye view" a new meaning.

The clip shows the crow calmly strutting into frame and analyzing his surroundings. 

He looks to the left. He looks to the right. He looks down and then stares directly into the lens. 

What happens next hopefully won't give you nightmares. The crow opens up his beak and presumably lets out a shrieking caw. Thankfully, there is no audio to go with the visual.

With the camera, and its viewers, sufficiently terrified, the crow finally flies away.

Naturally, the now-infamous bird has his own Twitter account.

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