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49ers Have Eight of the Top 100 Plays in NFL History

In celebration of #NFL100, the NFL has released the Top 100 Plays in NFL history over the past two weeks. On Friday night, the "NFL 100 Greatest" aired on NFL Network, with plays 1-30 being unveiled. Eight of the top plays in 49ers history made the top 100 list. Here are the plays that are a pivotal part of the league's storied past.

2. 'The Catch'

Candlestick Park, Jan. 10, 1982. NFC Championship Game.

The play that changed 49ers history forever. During the 1981 NFC Championship game, under pressure, Joe Montana rolled out of the pocket and found Dwight Clark in the back of the end zone for the game winning touchdown that clinched San Francisco's ticket to Super Bowl XVI. This play is widely known as "The Catch".

21. 'The Drive'

Joe Robbie Stadium, Jan. 22, 1989. Super Bowl XXIII

Joe Montana caped off a historic 11-play, 92-yard drive with a game-winning touchdown pass to wide receiver John Taylor to win the 49ers third Super Bowl title.

24. 'The Catch II'

Candlestick Park, Jan. 3, 1998. NFC Wild Card Game

Steve Young connected with Terrell Owens in the final seconds for a 25-yard touchdown pass to take down the Green Bay Packers.

27. Steve Young Breaks Away from the Minnesota Vikings

Candlestick Park, Oct. 30, 1988.

With minutes left in the fourth quarter and trailing 21-17 against the Minnesota Vikings and their top-ranked defense, Steve Young evaded several defenders and dove into the end zone for a fitting, 49-yard touchdown run to seal the victory.

66. Garrison Hearst's Game-winning Touchdown against the New York Jets

Candlestick Park, Sept. 6, 1998.

Being backed up in their own territory the 49ers handed off the ball to Garrison Hearst who ran all the way to the end zone for a 96-yard game-ending touchdown in Week 1.

71. The 'Alley Oop'

Kezar Stadium, Nov. 3, 1957

Y.A. Tittle and R.C. Owens changed the NFL at the time with Owens making a leaping grab on the jump ball pass from Tittle with 1:20 to play to beat the Detroit Lions.

"It sent the whole stadium into delirium." - Dan Fouts stated in reviewing this incredible moment of 49ers history.

93. Hugh McElhenny's Helmet-less catch-and-run

McElhenny loses his helmet while making a diving reception and manages to get up helmet-less and pickup 77 yards.

100. Roger Craig High-steps Through the Rams

Roger Craig was the epitome of 'old school' football on this play. High-stepping his way through the Rams defense for a touchdown.

"Man that is old school football at its finest" - Ray Lewis said in remembering this iconic play.