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49ers Foundation Adds African American Female Excellence as Nonprofit Partner

The 49ers Foundation announced the Oakland Unified School District's African American Female Excellence (AAFE) as a new legacy nonprofit partner, extending the Foundation's mission to educate and empower Bay Area youth into Oakland and the East Bay for the first time. As a result of this long-term partnership, the 49ers Foundation will provide operating support and $100,000 of annual programmatic funding.

Earlier this year, the Foundation issued a request for proposals which led to more than 90 applications being submitted from East Bay community programs. After a rigorous review process, the selection committee comprised of the York Family, 49ers Foundation Board of Directors and 49ers executives chose AAFE as the new legacy nonprofit partner.

"After more than 30 years of community impact work and over $60 million invested back into Bay Area communities, we couldn't be more excited to finally expand our impact into Oakland for East Bay youth," said Justin Prettyman, 49ers Foundation Executive Director. "By implementing classes and programs specifically for African American girls into the school day, AAFE helps Oakland schools prioritize Black youth development. We look forward to aiding their mission in any way that we can."

Part of Oakland Unified School District's Office of Equity, AAFE hosts city-wide programs and events, and leads daily classes with Black female students, which are integrated into the students' core school day. Oakland Unified School District is the first district in the country to have a program focused on supporting Black girls as a city-wide strategy. AAFE currently serves over 300 girls in multiple elementary, middle and high schools across Oakland.

"It means so much to African American Female Excellence, our students, families, staff and our greater Oakland community to be welcomed into the San Francisco 49ers Foundation family as their newest legacy beneficiary," said Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell, OUSD Superintendent. "With this annual support from the 49ers Foundation, we are excited to expand and deepen our programming for Black girls in the Oakland Unified School District. This partnership will bring unique resources and visibility to the important work we are embarking on to inspire and develop the next generation of young women leading our communities – near and far."

"We plan to scale our reach by more than 30%, growing from serving 300 to serving 400 Black girls in our schools over the next 3 years," said Iminah Laura Ahmad, AAFE Co-Founder & Leader. "By providing culturally relevant and social emotionally-focused programs and services at our schools, and ensuring students have the tools they need to become strong readers and leaders, this critical support will increase our impact, widen access to our program and expand our legacy. We are honored by the 49ers Foundation supporting the success of our girls across Oakland. This truly shows the team is 'Faithful to the Bay' in a beautiful, meaningful and authentic way."

This announcement expands the Foundation's list of legacy nonprofit partners to five total, including the San Francisco 49ers Academy, the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute, Fresh Lifelines for Youth and City Year. Together, all legacy nonprofit partners amplify the 49ers Foundation's impact on the Bay Area and provide high-impact, results-oriented youth development programming.

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