Member Inclusive Menu Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQ

What is the Member Inclusive Menu?
  • The Member Inclusive Menu is a new benefit, exclusively for season ticket members, that includes stadium favorite food items and non-alcoholic beverages with admission to all 49ers home regular and preseason games.
Who has access to the 49ers Member Inclusive Menu?
  • All 49ers season ticket members have access to this benefit, but the benefit is not available if you resell your ticket on the secondary market.  Season ticket members with this benefit will be able to transfer the benefit to their guests.
If I don't want access to the Member Inclusive Menu, can I opt-out?
  • No. While you are not obligated to participate in this benefit, it is included in your season ticket package, and members will not have the option to opt-out.
Will members still receive the 15% discount on items not included in the 49ers Member Inclusive Menu?
  • Yes, 49ers Members will still have access to their 15% discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages for items not included in the 49ers Member Inclusive Menu.

Menu FAQ

What menu items are included with the menu?
  • The 49ers Member Inclusive Menu will feature over 15 menu items including hot dogs (beef and vegan), chicken tenders, popcorn, nachos, pretzels, french fries, garlic fries, Pepsi products, Aquafina, Peet's coffee, and more. A comprehensive list will be provided in the offseason. The above menu items are subject to change.
  • The 49ers Member Inclusive Menu will not include alcohol or specialty items.
Will all concession stands within the stadium have the 49ers Member Inclusive Menu items?
  • Maps of which concession locations will feature the 49ers Member Inclusive Menu will be available.
Will there be options for people with dietary restrictions?
  • Yes, similar to the current menu options available in the stadium, there will be items available on the 49ers Member Inclusive Menu for those with dietary restrictions.
Is the inclusive food in the club areas going to be different than on the concourse?
  • Yes, club menus will be differentiated from concourse menus.
Will there be new food options available next season?
  • Yes, we will continue to work with Levy to add additional food and beverage items on an annual basis.

Ticket Transfers / Resale FAQ

If I transfer a ticket to a friend or guest, will the Member Inclusive Menu benefit still be accessible to them?
  • Yes, all transferred season ticket member tickets will receive this benefit. Specific details on how to transfer this benefit will be made available to season ticket members later this offseason.
  • Tickets that are resold will not include access to the Member Inclusive Menu
If I buy additional single game tickets for a 49ers home game, will those tickets be eligible for the Member Inclusive Menu, too?
  • No, this benefit is intended for season ticket members only.  Guests with single game tickets will not be able to take advantage of the 49ers Member Inclusive Menu.
When tickets are resold through my online account on NFL Ticket Exchange or other secondary market platforms, will the buyer have the ability to access the Member Inclusive Menu?
  • No, tickets purchased on the resale market and individual game tickets do not include access to the 49ers Member Inclusive Menu.

Operations FAQ

How do I validate that I am a member to take advantage of the 49ers Member Inclusive Menu? What is the ordering and checkout process?
  • As a 49ers member you are automatically awarded this inclusive benefit. Details of how to access this benefit will be announced during the offseason.
Is there a limit to the number of items I can order each time I go to a concession stand?
  • Yes, there will be a limit per visit per customer.
Will the non-included food offerings be clearly labeled on the stand prior to getting to the front of the line?
  • Yes.

Other FAQ

Will I still be able to bring in my own water bottles and food?
  • Yes, the permitted and prohibited items as it pertains to food and beverage will not change with this added benefit.
Will the 49ers Member Inclusive Menu continue for subsequent seasons?
  • Yes, we plan for this program to be included as part of your season ticket package for subsequent seasons.
Will the 49ers Member Inclusive Menu be offered for non-49ers events at Levi's Stadium?
  • No, the 49ers Member Inclusive Menu will only be offered to members at 49ers home games.
Will this be available for preseason and playoff games as well?
  • This benefit will be available to 49ers season ticket members for all preseason and regular season home games. Specific details regarding redemption of this benefit for any playoff games will be available this offseason.