2019 Member Pricing Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing Update

Are my seat prices increasing, decreasing, or remaining the same?

There will be no change in season ticket pricing in 2019. To review your current Membership Plan, please log in to Account Manager and view your open season ticket invoice.

How do I move my seats? What's available? What are the prices?

The SBL relocation program will take place in spring. You may opt-in to be included as part of the season ticket invoice process. Once opted in, more information on the process will be provided to you, as we get closer to the launch of the program. You will be informed of season ticket prices during the selection process.

Why are the 49ers making this announcement now?

Making the announcement now allows us to establish consistent timing for communicating ticket pricing information to our members each year moving forward while providing our fans with as much time as possible to learn the details of our new membership plan and how to get enrolled.

For the first time, 49ers season ticket members will now be able to spread out their season ticket payments over 12 months, an option only available from four other NFL teams at this time. At these teams, fans have shown great appreciation for this option and we expect our fans to respond positively as well considering many have been asking for this kind of payment flexibility for years.

Overall, we are excited to roll-out the new Membership Plan to our season ticket members because of the increased payment flexibility and enhanced member personalization experience it provides.

Membership Plan Information

How does the Membership Plan breakout my season ticket cost?

The Membership Plan will divide the cost of your tickets evenly from the start of the plan to October 31st of the following year. Your first charge will be November 30th and you will be charged on the final day of each month moving forward.

When does the Membership Plan start and end?

The Membership Plan is continuous. Your Membership Plan starts upon sign up, from which you will be charged on the final day of each month.

How can I sign up for the Membership Plan?

You can sign up for the Membership Plan by logging into Account Manager and selecting the 'Membership Plan' option in your season ticket invoice.

How do charges for future years occur?

Charges for future years will begin in November for each season and the payments will be spread evenly across each month. The final payment for the upcoming season occurs in October.

Will I be notified of charges before they occur?

Charges will be automatic and on the final day of each month. A notification will not be sent prior to or after charges, however a receipt is available upon request.

Can I use multiple credit cards each month for my monthly payment?

Yes, when setting up your monthly Membership Plan, multiple credit cards can be entered to split the payment.

What happens if my credit card is stolen, expired, or I need to switch cards?

If your credit card is stolen, expired, or needs to be changed, please call us at 408.579.4449 to process the adjustment. Please note our hours are Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm.

New credit cards can also be added to your account under account settings in Account Manager. Once the new card is added to the account, email memberservices@49ers.com to have the new one used for future payments.

Can I split payment across two or four monthly charges?

Beginning with the 2019 season, the two payment options for 49ers season tickets are the monthly Membership Plan and pay in full.

If I wish to pay my season tickets in a single payment, when is that payment due?

For members who do not wish to sign up for the monthly Membership Plan, payment in full will be due February 15, 2019.

When do charges for 2020, 2021, 2022, etc. occur?

Following the 2019 season, charges will begin in November and end the following October. This schedule will remain the same year over year.

Does my SBL financing payment get charged as part of the Membership Plan?

Your SBL financing payment does NOT get charged as part of the Membership Plan. The monthly plan is only for season tickets and other hospitality and experience related items.

When is my SBL financing payment due?

SBL financing payments are due on March 1st of each year.

Where can I view my payment schedule and amounts?

Your payment schedule and amounts can be viewed via Account Manager.

Can I adjust the charge dates?

If you need to arrange a one-time change to the date of the automatic payment, please contact us at memberservices@49ers.com or 408.579.4449.

How do I cancel the automatic charges?

Please call us at 408.579.4449 or email memberservices@49ers.com.

Is this my only payment option?

If you do not wish to opt into the monthly Membership Plan, you may pay in full by February 15, 2019. To discuss your specific needs, please contact our Member Services team directly at memberservices@49ers.com or 408.579.4449.

Will the new Membership Plan be the only payment option beginning in 2020?

Moving forward the payment options for 49ers season tickets will be the monthly Membership Plan and to pay in full.

Can I join the Membership Plan by checks, cash, money order etc.?

Due to the nature of the plan, the only payment method allowed for the Membership Plan is credit or debit card.

Can I add parking? Other items?

Parking, Golden Opportunities and a wide array of other 49ers-related products and services are available to be added to your plan. Your Membership Plan payments will be adjusted accordingly.

When will I be able to manage my tickets if I am on the membership plan?

Each game's tickets will be able to be managed through your online account and mobile app once they have been paid for the upcoming season. Ticket payments are applied to games in chronological order starting with payment being applied to the first game of the season and so on.

How can I opt-in to the relocation program and playoffs?

You may opt-in to both – you will be prompted to sign-up when paying as part of the invoice process.

Can I make a payment in person?

Credit cards are charged automatically, but if you would like to make a payment in person you are welcome to visit the Visa Box Office at Levi's Stadium during normal business hours.

My question isn't listed / Other concerns

If you have additional questions, please reach out to us directly at memberservices@49ers.com or 408.579.4449.