Mark Nzeocha



Experience: 7 years

Height: 6-3

Age: 31

Weight: 235 lbs

College: Wyoming



Mark Nzeocha became a free agent in March of 2021.

Golden Nuggets

  • Last name is pronounced nuh-ZAH-chuh.
  • At 14, Nzeocha, who knew nothing about American football, was approached by a former coach to come participate in a practice. After that first day, he spent his free time watching games and clips on YouTube in order to learn the sport. Rising in the European ranks, Nzeocha went from playing on his school's club team to being voted first-team All Europe after his junior German national team made the European Championship. This helped get the attention of American coaches, which led him to Division I football.
  • His brother Eric Nzeocha also attended the University of Wyoming and played LB for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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