Joe Williams



Experience: 2 years

Height: 5-11

Age: 24

Weight: 205 lbs

College: Utah



  • In 2016, Williams briefly stepped away from the game of football at the University of Utah following the time of the passing of his sister, Kylee, 10-years prior. When he returned to the field in October, he had a new tattoo on his left arm that reads, “My Sister’s Keeper.” “I was learning to come to grips with the fact that it wasn’t my fault,” said Williams in 2016. “I’m 23 years old now, and I can’t blame myself for something that occurred 10 years ago, no matter how painful or traumatic it was. It would be bigger to honor her in a much more meaningful way.”
  • An avid snowboarder, Williams enjoys hitting the slopes whenever he has the chance visit home in his spare time, saying “PA has some good resorts for us to do that.” He enjoys many outdoor winter activities, and even went snowmobiling on a recruiting trip to Utah before transferring to play for the Utes.

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