Vote on Your Favorite 49ers Fan Chant!

In the spring, over two dozen fan clubs and supporters were invited to join core members of the 49ers front office to discuss how to reimagine the fan experience as well as infuse more energy, passion and excitement into gameday; something the 49ers Faithful have been doing for nearly 75 years.

The fans spoke and we tested these fan-inspired actions at Training Camp. Now, we need you to help vote on a new tradition inspired by other Faithful.

The winning selection (or selections) will be debuted at the home opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 22!

"Player Name Chant" - Inspired by Seattle Niners Faithful

For player introductions at kickoff, fans – in unison - complete the starting lineup's last names while following along with the in-stadium announcer. Following a touchdown fans band together and in three straight prompts, call out the scoring players name.

"Red / Gold!" – Inspired by Seattle Niners Faithful

This chant would see alternating sides of the stadium chanting "RED!" and "GOLD!" The intervals between RED and GOLD would start slow, with the pace picking up each time until everyone in unison breaks into a loud roar!

"Dig Deep!" – Inspired by Eric Hodgdon

This cheer can be incorporated in many ways (i.e. at kickoff, during an opposing team timeout or as a defensive battle cry during a goal-line stand.) In unison, the crowd would chant "Dig Deep" as a nod to our namesake of mining for gold.

"All Gas, No Brake!" – Inspired by Nothing But Niners

This chant would be featured as a defensive call out after key timeouts, huge plays or moments where the defense needs that extra push as well as the end of a game where a celebration is in order!