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We are excited to launch our newest Flag Football program… 49ers Varsity Flag Football! This competitive league for boys and girls grades K-10 is for anyone looking to elevate their game. Leagues will include 10 regular season games followed by an end of season playoff tournament that will include at least two additional games.

Spring Overview


We will work closely with the SCC Department of Health and the SCC Department of Education to establish the appropriate protocols for operation. The situation is changing rapidly, so we will wait to announce specific guidelines until we are closer to a verified launch date.


Play Flag Football offers non-contact flag football leagues designed for boys and girls in pre-school through 10th grade.

All league play takes place on Sundays. Teams meet and practice before their scheduled game times. Games last approximately 45 minutes. The typical team size is 8 to 10 children.

The season consists of two practice weeks, ten regular-season games, and an end of season playoff tournament where teams will play at least two additional games.

The league provides most of the required equipment. Most games are played on turf fields. While cleats are not mandatory, they are recommended. If you have soccer or baseball cleats, those will typically work for flag football as well. Cleats must be molded and may not be metal. Other optional equipment includes gloves and mouth-pieces.


- Preseason Festival

- Postseason Tournament

- Access to exclusive 49ers branded merchandise

- Access to exclusive 49ers special deals

- Access to premium 49ers content

- 49ers Varsity T-shirt

- 49ers Varsity Drawstring Bag

- 49ers Museum Passes

- 49ers Kids Club Membership

- 49ers Alumni League Visits

- Sourdough Sam Visits and Photo Opportunities

- Coaches Chalk Talk from 49ers Football Operations Staff


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March 22Request Deadline
March 23Teams Announced
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April 24First Meeting
May 1Festival
May 8First Games
June 12Tournament



When you register by MARCH 21ST, you'll be able to customize the name on the back of your jersey.

All players will also receive a Play Flag Football shorts and Flags.

Spring Events

Spring Festival

The spring festival is the first league meeting. In addition to receiving their jersey and equipment, your child will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of events, including the 40 yard dash, vertical leap, broad jump, target throw, distance throw, and more.

We'll also mix in some fun, classic games, like Dodgeball.

After the festival, you'll be able to check out where your child ranks in the various events on

Regular Season

Pre-School and Kindergarten teams play one game of 5-on-5 flag football each Sunday. Teams will typically meet before their games for practice. The regular season for this division consists of 5 games. Each Sunday will last around an hour and fifteen minutes. The game lasts around 45 minutes, and teams will practice about thirty minutes before.

1st through 10th grades teams will play two games each Sunday, typically back to back. They'll also meet before their games to practice. Each Sunday will last a little over two hours for these teams. 1st through 7th play 5-on-5, while 8th, 9th and 10th play 4-on-4.

League Tournament

The season culminates with one of the best experiences in youth sports -- the Spring Tournament. We combine multiple locations and have teams face off against other teams with similar records.

The format is round-robin, and most teams will play at least three abbreviated games. Some divisions will also play a single-elimination round following the round-robin. All players in Pre-K through 6th grades receive awards, and all division champions receive a championship award and t-shirt.



Teams are coached by parent volunteers. Play Flag Football provides all of the necessary training and equipment. Check out our coaches page for a sample of some of the content that is provided.

Coaches are also able to utilize the coach request system which helps your required team to be automatically assembled. Please see "Play With Friends and Classmates" below.


In addition to being able to select the team name, coaches receive discounts for future seasons. Coaches also are able to participate in our post-season Coach Game, where they can play against other coaches in a fun round-robin tournament.

We also hold a random drawing to give one lucky coach the chance to win $10,000 in our Throw for Dough.

Of course, the greatest benefit is the opportunity to guide and mentor a group of young people, and to grow your relationship with your own child in a fun and memorable setting.

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Play With Friends and Classmates


During registration, you'll be able to specify friends, classmates and coach preferences.

Don't have any requests? No problem! We'll do our best to place your child on a team with other children from the same school or school district.