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Full Breakdown of San Francisco 49ers 2014 NFL Draft Class

Posted May 10, 2014

A complete look at the San Francisco 49ers 2014 draft class, from first pick Jimmie Ward to twelfth pick pick Trey Millard.

1st Pick: DB Jimmie Ward

Trent Baalke:
“He’s a very physical football player. He plays a lot in the slot. He’s lined up all over the place.”

Jim Harbaugh: “We believe he’ll compete as a nickel for us as well which is a very important position. He’s a good hitter, but he also makes plays on the ball. He’s extremely fast and has great instincts.”

Ward: “When you’re around great guys and a winning program like this, you know you’re in a good situation.”

Expert: "He's a true free safety. The concern is frame (5-foot-11, 193 pounds) and durability is an issue. He can play strong safety, but I worry about his frame over a 16-game season. This is a kid who's a natural center fielder, but he'll move up to make a play (against the run)." -- Mike Mayock, NFL Network


2nd Pick: RB Carlos Hyde

“We felt that it was a great value. He can give us great competition
at the position... He’s not a home-run hitter every time he touches the ball, but he's capable just as Frank has been capable over his career to break some long runs. He runs our style of offense very well.”

Hyde: "I'm definitely going to get in there and compete and keep that running game alive. I embrace competition. Competition brings out the best in me."

Expert: "The 49ers like to bludgeon people running the football. That's what Hyde can do. He does not turn down carries. Hyde can catch the football out
of the backfield so effortlessly." -- Charles Davis, NFL Network


3rd Pick: C Marcus Martin

"He can play center/guard. He'll start out in our system competing for that center job."

Harbaugh: “Gifted, leader, smart football player and productive football player. He has some real gifts athletically that you hope a center has, being able to tork his body… He has  a lot of tools to with. Mike Solari will be working with him, a veteran offensive lineman will be very beneficial to him.”

Martin: “I’m going to do whatever the coaches ask me to do. Whatever position that they need me to play I’m going to be willing to play. I’m going to come in and compete and represent my organization the best way I can.” 

Expert: "This was the No. 1 center on my board. This is a big-bodied kid who fits exactly what San Francisco is ... a big, powerful, run-the-football kind of team." -- Mike Mayock, NFL Network


4th Pick: LB Chris Borland

"He’s everything you’re looking for from a DNA standpoint."

Harbaugh: "Very excited about Chris. Some of the plays he makes, the instinct that he has, the way that he sees the game, you know he studies it because of the way he (plays)… He’s like a bowling ball hitting pins. He’s got that kind of strike.”
Expert: "In a division of hardheads, the 49ers have just added a thundering hardhead. He's too short. He's too slow. I don't care, he can play." -- Mike Mayock, NFL Network

Borland: “I’ve always felt like I’ve got a great feel for the game. I really approach it as a student and I try to know everything I can. I think that really shows on my film. Take great angles, understand what the offense is trying to do and what we’re trying to do defensively, so that’s my strong suit.”


5th Pick: OT Brandon Thomas

Baalke: "He's a great young man. We really had him valued high; he was the highest player on our board once we made our pick. The value was just too high to pass up. We expect him to rehab fine."

Thomas: "Still doesn't feel real. Beyond bless to be given this opportunity. God is good!” -- @BTOMB3

Expert: "He will be on PUP list all year long; like a redshirt year. And like Marcus Lattimore last year, a luxury pick for San Francisco." -- Mike Mayock, NFL Network


6th Pick: WR Bruce Ellington

Harbaugh: “He’s a heck of an athlete, a very productive football player… Another versatile, very good athlete. Look forward to exploring how many different ways we can use him.” 

  "I feel like I have a lot of (room for) growth. Because I’ve only played for three years, so I feel like there’s a lot more things that I can put in my game and become a better player.”  

Expert: "Think of a bigger Ace Sanders, who came out of same university. He's quicker than fast, and can help you in the return game. The 49ers
needed some wide receiver depth. I continue to applaud the 49ers' draft." -- Mike Mayock, NFL Network


7th Pick: CB Dontae Johnson

“Versatility, intelligence and A-plus-plus character guy. We’re going to lock in and get him at corner, let him go to work.”

Johnson: “They just want me to come in and just be able to compete. Bring in a great work ethic. Just get out there and compete and compete at corner. That’s just what I’ve been told. I’m going to go out there and play corner and it’s going to be great.”

Expert: "This kid can play corner and safety. As a safety, I don't like his tackling skill set, but as a corner it's adequate. Teams either liked him or didn't like him at all. He's a better athlete than a football player. You just have to develop this kid." -- Mike Mayock, NFL Network


8th Pick: LB Aaron Lynch

Baalke: “Good football player. He’s a young man that has a lot of talent, a lot of traits to work with. Huge arrow up. He’s got the keys to the car now, and it’s up to him to drive it.”

Harbaugh: “This is a good young man who needs direction, a good structure around him where has men to look up to, to have a chance to emulate. He’ll thrive in that kind of environment… There’s a real chance to have a
partnership there… He has a chance to be successful, we felt.”

Lynch: "I'm coming in to play. I'm coming in to help this team win championships."

Expert: "(At South Florida's pro day) he had a real good 10-yard time of 1.52 seconds, which is an indication that he can be a good pass rusher at the next level." -- Gil Brandt, NFL Network


9th Pick: CB Keith Reaser

Reaser: “I think I’m a guy that can do it all. Press. I can play off. I think I’m an all-around guy. I think I know the game well. I think I pick up on the defense. I think I’m an all-around corner.”

Expert: "This is a value pick. The 49ers have so many picks, so they are picking for next year. They will put Reaser on the PUP list, but this is a 4.3 (40) corner and those are rare." -- Mike Mayock, NFL Network


10th Pick: CB Kenneth Acker

Acker: "They were out at my pro day and I connected with a couple guys at that. So I mean I always felt the love coming from the team. I knew that I
was on their board and everything and they just stayed in contact with me. But it’s good to see they liked me enough to draft me. I’m excited.”

Expert: "Every year a defensive back from SMU makes a roster, and Acker
is as good as any who have been there in previous years. He had a strong pro day, with a hand-timed 4.50-second 40, a 36-inch vertical and a 6.94 three-cone drill." -- Gil Brandt, NFL Network


11th Pick: DE Kaleb Ramsey

Baalke: “The scouts were tired of grading (him) because he’s been in the last three drafts with a medical history that knocked him out the past couple seasons.”

Expert: "Ramsey is seen as a defensive lineman in the 49ers’ base defense. He faces stiff competition on a deep 49ers line." -- Matt Maiocco, CSN Bay Area


12th Pick: FB Trey Millard

Baalke: “He’s played a lot of football at a big-time program. He’ll be asked to block, to get out into route, to block both run and pass-game and, at times, maybe very few, get the football.”

Harbaugh: “There’s a possibility that he plays next year. We’re looking at him as a fullback, H-back.”


Expert:  "Millard tore his ACL and another ligament in his left knee in October following a 38-30 win over No. 10 Texas Tech. The versatile Millard was a
team captain last year. He has good size and soft hands having caught 30 passes for the Sooners in 2012"-- Matt Barrows, The Sacramento Bee

Read more here: http://blogs.sacbee.com/49ers/archives/2014/05/seventh-49ers-take-defensive-lineman-fullback.html#storylink=cpy



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