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Follow 49ers Draft Class on Social Media

Posted May 14, 2014

With 12 draft picks and Stevie Johnson acquired via trade, there are more San Francisco 49ers players to keep track of on social media.

The 49ers selected 12 players in the 2014 NFL Draft, the most draft picks they’ve had since the 1991 draft (13).

Jimmie Ward, Carlos Hyde, Marcus Martin, Chris Borland, Brandon Thomas, Bruce Ellington, Dontae Johnson, Aaron Lynch, Keith Reaser, Kenneth Acker, Kaleb Ramsey and Trey Millard are now Niners.

The team also acquired wide receiver Stevie Johnson via a trade with the Buffalo Bills.

That adds up to 13 more players to follow on social media.

In order to make this easier, we set up a 49ers Twitter Roster with official player accounts.

Some players are also on Instagram. Make sure to give your new 49ers a follow.

WR STEVIE JOHNSON (acquired via trade)

Instagram: @theunluckyxiii

49ers.com: Why did you choose the name "@theunluckyxiii" on Instagram?

Johnson: Hard work over luck. You don't need luck when you're working hard. A lot of people say that 13 is unlucky. I'm the unlucky 13.

DB JIMMIE WARD (1st round, 30th overall)

Instagram: @neko_suave

49ers.com: How did you come up with "@neko_suave" for Instagram?

Ward: That's my middle name. Everyone from Mobile, Alabama calls me Neko. My full middle name is Neko Suave. My mother wanted to name me after the singer Rico Suave, but she put a twist to it.

RB CARLOS HYDE (2nd round, 57th overall)

Instagram: @el_guapo34

49ers.com: Why the name "@elguapo?"

Hyde: It's my nickname. There was a really good article written about me in Columbus and the title was "El Guapo." I had no idea what "El Guapo" meant then so I Google'd it, and I found out it meant "the handsome one." I have a Spanish name already, why not go with a Spanish social media name?

C MARCUS MARTIN (3rd round, 70th overall)

Instagram: @therealdoublems

LB CHRIS BORLAND (3rd round, 77th overall)

*** Not on social media ***

49ers.com: We noticed you're not on social media. Is that because you're so focused on football?

Borland: Love of football is definitely a little bit a part of it. I've never been that enthralled with Twitter. I had one a few years ago, but it wasn't really doing it for me.

OL BRANDON THOMAS (3rd round, 100th overall)

Instagram: @bthom63

WR BRUCE ELLINGTON (4th round, 106th overall)

Instagram: @ellington_23

When Ellington was drafted, he posted this message on Instagram:

"After the #49ers called me I was in the bathtub like "We made it"

49ers.com: When did you take that picture?

Ellington: We went to ESPN Magazine for a photo shoot. They asked me to go and take a picture in the bubble bath with champagne and the crown on. When the picture came out, I knew I had to save it for draft day.

CB DONTAE JOHNSON (4th round, 129th overall)


LB AARON LYNCH (5th round, 150th overall)

Aaron Lynch is currently not active on social media, but he told 49ers.com he's still contemplating a comeback. Stay tuned.

CB KEITH REASER (5th round, 170th overall)

Instagram: @KeithReaser3

49ers.com: What do you like about social media?

Reaser: It keeps you up to date with everybody that you can't talk to all the time. it's almost like a news feed. You can find out anything on social media these days.

49ers.com: What's the reaction been like from fans on social media since you've been drafted?

Reaser: It's been crazy. My phone hasn't stopped buzzing since they called my name. The 49ers have the best fans, I think, in the country.

CB KENNETH ACKER (6th round, 180th overall)

DE KALEB RAMSEY (7th round, 243rd overall)

*** Not on social media ***

FB TREY MILLARD (7th round, 245th overall)

Instagram: @fat33daddy

49ers.com: Is "fat daddy" a nickname?

Millard: Yes, it's a nickname. It started freshman year and just developed. I started being called "the load," then "the fat load," then "fat back" and then to "fat daddy." It just stuck.

49ers.com: You're not a fat guy though...

Millard: No, but that's just how it came to be. I like it, and it's kind of funny.