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The Top 10 Episodes of Joe Staley's 'Joe Show'

Posted May 22, 2014

We should have done this countdown much earlier. Oh well. Here are the 10 best episodes in the proud history of the 'Joe Show.'

We should have done this countdown much earlier.

Oh well, it's here now.

After San Francisco 49ers left tackle Joe Staley was named No. 75 on NFL Network's "Top 100 Players of 2013" list, the network used a "Joe Show" soundbite towards the end of the clip posted atop this post.

That, coupled with our Staley prank writeup from Wednesday, got us thinking about Staley's best moments on 49ers.com.

So here is something special for die-hard, adoring .com Niner fans...

We present the 10 best episodes in "Joe Show" history.

10. "Debut Episode" - Sept. 6, 2008

Signature Moment:
Former 49ers starting quarterback Shaun Hill began his two-year run as the final guest of each episode. The first show ended with Hill unknowingly creating a signature sign-off when he emphatically yelled, "Joe Show!” into the microphone held by an unsuspecting Staley.

 9. "March Madness" - March 27, 2013

Signature Moment:
One of two episodes filmed in 2013, this video was highlighted by Joe Looney's spot-on Scarface impersonation.

8. "2012 Debut" - Oct. 9, 2012

Signature Moment:
Former 49ers wideout Randy Moss interrupting Staley's interview with Anthony Davis and Daniel Kilgore took the honors in this clip. When Moss walked off, Staley remarked that he wore No. 84 because of the wide receiver.

7. "Impersonations" - Nov. 12, 2010

Signature Moment:
Former 49ers center Eric Heitmann absolutely crushed his impersonations of Rick Astley and Harry Caray.

6. "Pro Bowl Special" - Jan. 27, 2012

Signature Moment:
Staley interviewing Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers about his discount double-check commericials was amazing. "Do you feel like the commercials overshadow what you’ve done on the football field this year?” Staley boldly asked Rodgers.

5. "High School Prom" - Sept. 25, 2009

Signature Moment: Staley opened this prom-themed show with a boutineer on his chest and later ribbed Adam Snyder about previous prom experiences.

4. "Thanksgiving and Injuries" - Nov. 20, 2009

Signature Moment:
All that really needs to be said here is "Peanut Butter Jelly Dance." Fans of the show and former defensive lineman Ricky Jean Francois, know what we mean.

3. "Sing-A-Long" - Nov. 18, 2011

Signature Moment: Adele as a karaoke selection never sounded so good. Staley and Vernon Davis took the British ballad over the top.

2. "Dance Moves" - June 19, 2009

Signature Moment: Hill enjoyed his greatest "Joe Show" moment - which is saying something. The veteran quarterback displayed his signature "speedskater" and "slalom" dance moves.

1. "Bust A Move" - Oct. 20, 2011

Signature Moment: This was Jim Harbaugh's first and only appearance on the show. Staley picked touchdown celebrations as the topic that week and found out Harbaugh had never done a touchdown dance in his NFL career.

“You got six opportunities to do an end zone dance and you flipped the ball back to the ref every single time?” Staley asked his coach.

“Uh, yeah," Harbaugh replied. "I always thought it was best to give the ball to the official but I did a few spikes."

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