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Inside Look at Candlestick Park Finale

Posted Dec 24, 2013

Niners 365 takes you inside the final regular season game at Candlestick Park.

I knew it wasn't going to be easy.

I've been going to games at Candlestick Park as far back as the late 80s. My dad brought me to games and I've been there for a number of the greatest home games.

Saying goodbye to The 'Stick was a surreal feeling for many of us. Sure, we'll look forward to the bigger and brighter stadium in the South Bay, but last night was all about celebrating Candlestick.

I went to the game early and walked around the concourses taking in every memory from my childhood and time with the 49ers as an employee. I also brought out my cell phone camera and snapped a few pictures to capture the memory of touring the museum, so to speak.

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so I figured I could show you some of my favorite parts of The 'Stick and last night's thrilling 34-24 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

I pulled into the parking lot thinking that the weather was perfect for this game. The stage was set for a memorable night.

The first stop on the tour was to visit my childhood seats: Section 30, row 21, seats 2 and 3.

Next, I headed to the press box to drop off my things and get a view of the field. The end zones were painted red for this game and you can slightly see the "Farewell Candlestick" card stunt letters along the upper deck.

When you get off the press box elevator at Candlestick, you're greeted by the four helmets of the NFC West. Definitely throwback material.

This room was used for Colin Kaepernick's 4-yard touchdown run, but the ruling on the field was upheld.

Like I said, pretty much a perfect atmosphere for a Candlestick finale. The stadium was packed for kick-off, too.

Jim Harbaugh wanted to honor the 49ers legends with a win and the team was able to just that. The Ring of Honor will live on.

This is a view you don't see in the press box, but I thought it was great to show. When you're about to walk through your section, you really start to anticipate seeing the field and the game getting closer to kick-off.

What's a game at The 'Stick without tailgating?

This picture is for the male audience. Farewell...

Also thought it was cool to see #Niners365 represented in the building.

We really do.

A staple of the Candlestick experience. Garlic breath.

Must have ketchup for those fries.

This guy has been at The 'Stick for as long as I can remember. The game programs were selling like hot cakes, too.

Section 38 was loving Bowman's pick-6.

I loved this sign as a kid, because when I was old enough to roam around the stadium for hot dogs I was sure to get lost.

Part of the experience.

Another part of the experience at Candlestick.

Candlestick's lights are definitely one of a kind.

Always thought this was a fun game, figuring out which side of the stairs to go up and down depending on who was in front of you and how fast they were moving.

My pre-game tour ended at this point. It was time for some football.

Fast forward 57 minutes (of game action) and I'm on the field for Bowman's big moment. I was hustling to get towards the end zone and snapped this high-quality photo of the crowd's reaction. You get the idea, everyone was pumped.

Bowman was wiped out by the time he got to the bench, but his teammates swarmed him regardless.

The bench was hyped after that play. Michael Crabtree started jumping up and down. Candlestick had just witnessed greatness.

With 5 seconds on the clock, Phil Dawson watched the final play of the game. Matt Ryan launched a Hail Mary deep ball. Tramaine Brock picked it off as the last play at The 'Stick.

Kaepernick was swarmed by reporters (this one, too) after helping the 49ers clinch a playoff berth.

The man of the hour shared a smile with KTVU's Joe Fonzi.

San Francisco's legends addressed the crowd and after a Boyz II Men performance, the farwell celebration took place.

Farwell Candlestick Park.