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Colin Kaepernick Takes Practice Gear to New Level

Posted Jun 18, 2014

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback is wearing a black practice jersey once again in 2014. He also has a new addition to the practice wardrobe.

We've written about Colin Kaepernick's unique style here at #Niners365. So this post should come as no surprise.

The fashionable quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers deserves attention once again.

The fourth-year signal-caller wore camouflauge compression spandex under his uniform at the team's mandatory minicamp session. (Big deal, let's get to his passing progress... Remember folks, this is Niners lifestyle blog. Read about his football efforts on 49ers.com.)

I've never seen the camo spandex before in the NFL. Sure, I've seen some players wear tons of sweatbands (Anthony Dixon) or athletic tape on their face-mask (Anthony Dixon), but I've never seen a player take the camo spandex out on the practice field.

To make matters even more noticeable, Kaepernick wore Jordan XII red and white low cleats to complete the look.

The black practice jersey wasn't enough for the Niners quarterback. His practice style is completely different than any other member of the roster.

Maybe Kaepernick gets his sense of style from his coach.

Either way, the camo/Jordan look inspired me to make this tweet last night:


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