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Whitner's Blog: Playoff Push

Posted Jan 11, 2013

The energy is through the roof right now with this team. We understand it’s a big game; it’s going to be an electric game. The main thing is to keep your calm and make sure you’re able to focus, make sure we’re able to conserve energy and not burn too much before the actual event. We had a week off and they had to play last week so we should be the fresher team. Now it comes down to who’s mentally in tune and I believe we will be.

I think we had our best week of practice this week, especially as defensive backs. The offense looked good, too, we didn’t see too many balls hit the ground. So I think we’re ready on both sides of the ball and on special teams as well.

It’s comforting that we’ve already played the Packers in Week 1, but I wouldn’t say it’s going to be easier this time around. When you play a guy like Aaron Rodgers, there’s nothing easy about it. Just like Tom Brady and Drew Brees, you’re never out of the football game. They can throw for a million yards and know what defenses you’re in, so they’re going to challenge you each and every play. I would say we’re more confident in facing Rodgers, but it definitely won’t be any easier.

We’re really looking forward to this challenge. As a competitor, this is what you want. You want to go up against a team with a bunch of weapons all around the football field. It’s a chess match. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio vs. their offensive coordinator. Me and Dashon Goldson vs. that quarterback. This is what you want. You want a chance to prove that you’re the best in the National Football League at your position and this is where you showcase it.

It will be cool to see those red zones again like we had last year. You make a tackle in there and you fall down and you get red all over you – that’s what the playoffs are all about. Going out there with the loud fans, under the lights, the field’s painted up, you see the Divisional Round logo in the grass – that’s what it’s all about. Not only for the players, but for the fans first and foremost. It’s going to be a big game. Playoffs are always huge and the intensity is going to be out of the roof.

Instagram Photo of the Week

That’s the typical Monday for us. A lot of players and a lot of teams shy away from the heavy lifting, but I believe that’s where you get your explosion from. If you squat and squat heavy weights, two or three times your body weight, you’ll really be explosive when you step on the football field. I’ll never get away from squats for as long as I play.

#AskDonteWhitner Q&A

Q: Please explain the difference between "hitting" and "tackling" or are they same thing? – Daniel
A: Hitting is when you don’t really wrap up; you just run into them and hit them. Tackling can happen when a guy breaks into the open field and you have to wrap him up and use your arms to get him down. In the open field you don’t want to just hit someone, you want to tackle them.

Q: Why are you such a beast? #hardesthittinsafety – Chase
A: I just want to work hard and enjoy playing football the way it’s supposed to be played.

Q: How does working with a guy as intense as Jim Harbaugh feel come time for the post season? - Dillon
A: It’s great. A lot of coaches will tank and get tight. Being around a guy like Coach, he’s going to keep you loose. You never know what to expect from a guy like him and the players love playing for him.

Q: Who hits harder? You or Dashon Goldson? – Hubert
A: We’re equal.

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