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What the Kansas City Chiefs Said after 22-17 Loss

Posted Oct 5, 2014

Read the most notable comments from members of the Kansas City Chiefs following their 22-17 road defeat to the San Francisco 49ers.

Read the most notable comments from members of the Kansas City Chiefs following their 22-17 road defeat to the San Francisco 49ers.


Can you run us through the last play?

“Yeah, we just had three verticals on that side, trying to hit [TE Anthony] Fasano up the seam. The ball got up a little bit – I didn’t even see it, just kind of saw the end of the play when it went over his head. It’s tough, you’re trying to make a play there at the end and move the chains. I thought I had it, but the ball just got up on me a little bit.”

At the end of the game, a whole bunch of your ex-teammates came up to you. What did that mean to you? Did 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh come up to you?

“He did, yeah.

What did it mean to you for so many of your ex-teammates to come up to you?

“It’s tough because you’re competitive and you want to win the game, but for all those guys I played a long time with. It was different competing against them today, but at the end of the day I have a lot of history with some of those guys.”

Did this game feel any different because of the whole situation?

“Certainly there was that there and I had to deal with it all week, and talking with the media. So it was there and watching the film was different, knowing a lot of guys, and even the scheme and I’ve played against [49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio] Coach Fangio. So watching it was different, yeah, in that sense it was different. Also, in some ways it was just another game – new stadium, new place, this was all new for me.”


What happened on the fake punt?

“They got us. Against this team you’ve got to be ready for all that stuff. They got us on that one and they got it done. They were able to move us out of the way to get the first.”

The other play that stood out down the stretch was the penalty for 12 men and it didn’t look like anyone was trying to get off the field. What was happening on that?

“Yeah, I’ll take the responsibility on that. I need to make sure that I count the guys, make sure down the stretch that everybody knows exactly what they’re doing there and that they do it.”

Now that it’s over, how do you feel like QB Alex Smith handled potentially what could have been a difficult day?

“I thought he handled it like a champ. He did just what I thought he would do. I mean come out, play good football and led the football team.”


How tough was this one?

“It was a tough loss. We played really well today and to end on that note, it definitely hurt but we have a long season to go. This was just the first game of the second quarter of the season and we have three more games in this quarter of the season.”

You guys threw the ball on short yardage a lot today, would you have liked to have a few more chances in those situations?

“In those situations, it is hard, but coach knows what he is doing in those situations. I don’t know, coach calls the plays and whatever he says, that is what we have to do.”

Towards the end you guys were about to get the ball back when there was the penalty, how ready were you right then for the ball and how much did your heart sink when the penalty came?

“We made mistakes, I think everybody knows that, so, we just have to move forward and hope to not make those mistakes again. That one did hurt, the defense played really well today and it was a tough loss but we have to come back after this bye week and get ready for San Diego.”


How did you think you played tonight?

“Coming off a Monday night game, traveling to the west coast and playing a great football team, I thought we played pretty well.”

In general, how frustrating is this game? It seemed like you had a bunch of chances. What do you think made the difference?

“I can’t put a finger on it. We need to go back and watch the tape. I thought we played aggressive ball today. That turnover at the end, honestly, lost us the game. Overall, I thought we played a decent game.”

Did you say anything to [QB] Alex [Smith] after the game? Could you tell that he really wanted this one?

“Yeah. I just told him, ‘Don’t get down. I know you wanted it. We’ll get them next time.’”


The fake punt, did that take a lot out of you guys? You got that three-and-out, Tamba had the big hit and now you have to go back out there.

“No, not at all. The defense has to respond to any situation. It’s nothing new to us. In practice, when our number is called, we have to go out there and perform.”

You guys are 2-3, which I know isn’t what you wanted. But considering the schedule and having to play the Patriots, Denver and coming out here, now you have the bye. How do you feel about how things are at the bye?

“We never use the schedule as an excuse. We view ourselves as a good team, so it’s not like we look at teams as hard or easy teams. This is the NFL. It’s not like that. We’ve definitely made some strides. We’ve done some things well. We’ve messed up a couple of times. Now we’re at the bye and we have a chance to get healthy and evaluate ourselves as a whole and as individuals to see where we’re at.”

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