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TNDZ x Niners x Winter Olympics

Posted Feb 7, 2014

COLUMN: Which members of the San Francisco 49ers have a future in the Winter Olympics?

Football season is over. Players certainly miss it. I know I do.

Competition on the football field is on a timeout for the next 200 days or so. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be competitive in other ways. I tend to agree with what Jim Harbaugh said on Jan. 21.

“Find new things to be competitive with in your work, and today is no exception,” the Niners coach said when asked about how he’ll handle the offseason.

I’ve taken that mantra literally. I’m racing people down the hallways, having eating contests with unknowing competitors, and perhaps best of all, I’m putting together my own draft board for 2014 prospects.

Just kidding.

I’m not doing any of those things. But I’m enjoying the other competitions taking place in the world of sports. That includes the 2014 Winter Olympics. I don’t know much about the biathlon or skeleton races, but I’m willing to learn. I’m willing to enjoy the competitions. In fact, there are so many Olympic categories I hardly know anything about. So I decided to do some research. And on top of that, I figured why not look at which Niners would make the best competitor in some of the top winter categories.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the theme of this week’s edition of “The No Drag Zone (TNDZ)” … drumroll … let’s look at the Olympic hopefuls for the 2018 winter games on San Francisco’s current roster.

Alpine Skiing

My choice would be… Michael Crabtree. Sharp cuts? Check. Stylish accessories? Double-check. Crabtree knows how to get going in a hurry and is able to seamlessly move wherever and whenever to get to his desired location. I see a gold medal in his future.


My choice would be… Colin Kaepernick. Stamina and rifles? Sign up the Niners quarterback. Who is in the best shape on the roster? San Francisco's Pro Bowl tight end could be considered for sure, but why not pick the quarterback? Kaepernick is a workout fanatic and could easily handle the cross-country aspect of the sport. Then there’s rifle shooting involved… for the sake of comparison, Kaepernick has one of, if not the, strongest arm in the NFL. It sounds like a perfect match in my book.

Two-man Bobsleigh

My choice would be… Frank Gore and Bruce Miller. First off, I always thought it was called bobsled. Right? I swear that’s what they called it in Cool Runnings... That’s beside the point here. Gore is always following his lead blocker, Miller, no matter what. The two have been a solid tandem in their three seasons working together. I see no reason why they couldn’t dart their way to the medal stand in 2018.


My choice would be… Vernon Davis, duh. The versatile tight end was an honorary captain for the U.S. Men’s Curling Team in 2010. Davis has passion for the sport. He knows the rules and he’s had more time on task than his entire team combined. This one is a slam-dunk, or right on the button (bullseye).

Freestyle Skiing

My choice would be… Aldon Smith. Sack dances came to mind when I was thinking of this participant. The pass-rushing phenom is known for his post-sack performances. So with that creativity in mind, I think Smith would be able to perform as a freestyle athlete in any sport.

Ice Hockey

My choice would be… Alex Boone and Anthony Davis. Does this need an explanation? Every hockey team needs an enforcer. Period.


My choice would be… Bubba Ventrone. You have to be fearless to do a sport like the luge. I don’t see why Ventrone couldn’t thrive in this scenario.


My choice would be… Justin Smith. A sport that is “only for the tough” appears to be right up “Cowboy’s” alley.

Ski Jumping

My choice would be… Eric Reid. For a physical defensive back, the rookie safety has shown some serious hops in his brief NFL career. I could see Reid being willing able to leap long distances in icy conditions.


My choice would be… Joe Staley. I have no proof that the three-time Pro Bowl left tackle would be a good snowboarder. But I think Staley would be entertaining in any sport. So why not throw him on the half-pipe and see what happens next?

Speed Skating

My choice would be… Darryl Morris. Watch the rookie cornerback run down a kick or a punt and you’ll know why he’s the choice for our final category.

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- Parting Shot -

That picture above is Fresno State wide receiver Davante Adams. Honestly, I didn't know much about the Fresno State wide receiver before this week. But now I'm starting to learn more about his NFL outlook. I bring this up because it's draft season. It's another chance to be competitive. We're already starting to churn out draft content for the fans. I suggest you start getting involved because Trent Baalke and the Niners have 11 picks already for the draft and that's not including compensatory selections that the team will likely receive. There will be many names and faces discussed in the coming months on this web site and it's our job to familiarize ourselves on the top prospects and future Niners. We've had meetings this week to discuss our future coverage and I promise you'll like what you'll be seeing. So thanks everyone for your continued support. Feel free to brush up on the top 50 players in the draft and be sure to check out our coverage in the near future. Have a great weekend, and oh yeah, enjoy the Olympics.


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