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Niner Talk Bonus: Frank Gore Keeps Trucking

Posted Dec 10, 2013

Frank Gore continues to be a valuable member of the 49ers offense.

NaVorro Bowman is the focus of this week's "Niner Talk" show, but he also received some additional attention in this week's bonus round. San Francisco's All-Pro linebacker continues to play at an extremely high level. Last week's win over the Seattle Seahawks was another example of Bowman providing game-changing plays in a 49ers victory.

The same can be said for Frank Gore.

The franchise's all-time leader amazes the masses on a weekly basis. Gore picked up a crucial 51-yard run in the win over Seattle and demonstrated his football smarts in the process. More on that in a minute.

Let's get to the questions that didn't make this week's show.

You must be talking about this? Lunch sounds great, too. Always up for a free meal, even if it's from a pair of shoes.

Yes and no. It's the last memorable day game to ever be played at Candlestick. That's for sure.

But you can't forget about the upcoming matchup with Atlanta on "Monday Night Football." I couldn't imagine a better regular season send-off. The world will be watching and night games are always the best. The players will be amped up and so will the crowd. I've been going to games at "The 'Stick" since 1989, driving up to that stadium for one last game will be surreal. But it's going to be a fun night.

A win over Atlanta is a must.

It's not easy to control emotions in a rivalry game, but I thought the 49ers did a good job for the most part. There will be some jawing back and forth in any NFL game. I'm not saying it's the right thing to do, but it's hard to ignore the opponent if they're instigating conversation.

The tension was high for both teams. Seattle wanted to clinch the NFC West. The 49ers didn't want that to happen on their home turf. That didn't happen. If the rivalry renews for a third installment, the chippyness of both teams will be discussed much more, but for now, let's see if San Francisco and Seattle can handle their business and get to that third game.

I'm not sure we have enough space for this answer.

You've identified my interest in shoes. I've always noticed the footwear of our players. Helmets, uniforms, all of the football equipment is mostly the same. There are, however, a few times when a player can have some fun with footwear. Michael Crabtree and Jonathan Goodwin are leading the charge with their kicks. I'm a big fan of all shoes, you can't go wrong with Jordans, or some Air Maxs. Size 12 if anyone wants to send a gift for the holidays.

Hmm... maybe. I think LaMichael James would have something to say about that. But for the sake of fun, would love to see it just once.

I'm not sure. If I had to venture a guess, it was because Vernon Davis wanted to keep a business-like approach in the big game. Vernon famously missed his dunk celebration in the 2012 season opener in Green Bay and has been shooting jump shots ever since.

I'm sure the jumper will be back. For last week, it was probably kept under wraps because of the nature of the rivalry game. Vernon and the 49ers got the win and that was the best celebration of all.

Gore keeps surprising us all. It's been a treat to watch the way he continues to run hard and take on opponents. Gore, 30, looks like the same running back he's been throughout his career in San Francisco.

Prior to Sunday's win over Seattle, Gore hadn't rushed for more than 50 yards in a single game, but he didn't get discouraged. The franchise's all-time leading rusher was upbeat about his opporunities and when he got the ball in the biggest drive of the game, Gore delivered a 51-yard run. It was his longest carry of the season and he also wisely went down before going out of bounds.

I heard some of his teammates talk about how smart of a play that was earlier this week as they watched the ESPN highlights in the cafeteria. Gore continues to amaze and it's not just because of his running ability, it's his smarts and his unselfish play. All of those attributes make him one of the greatest running backs to play the game.

Now I know why he always has headphones with him.

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