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Niner Talk Bonus: Bigger Draft Need, CB or WR?

Posted Apr 2, 2014

Senior Reporter Taylor Price answers your Twitter questions in our latest bonus round of "Niner Talk." Topics include 49ers draft needs, Colin Kaepernick's offseason development and more.

It feels good to be back from a brief vacation. I saw your Twitter questions as I was taking in some spring training baseball in Arizona, but to be honest, I figured I would get back to the Q&A fun when I returned to the office.

Now that I'm here, let's get right into your questions in our latest bonus round of "Niner Talk."

It's also worth mentioning that one topic prevailed over all others - should the 49ers draft a wide receiver or a cornerback with the team's first-round draft pick?

Let's get right into it.

Let me first say this: I have no knowledge of what the 49ers draft board looks like. That room is far from my office, and as much as I'd like to take a peak inside the room, I trust the personnel department has a solid plan in place.

For the sake of answering this question, all I can do is speculate.

In regards to the 30th overall pick, the 49ers have plenty of options. The team can use other high selections and package a deal to move up in the first round (like they did with Eric Reid in 2013). San Francisco can easily stay where they're at 30 and find a solid prospect in this year's deep draft class. Or, they could take part in an idea I just thought of... the team could trade out of the first round with a quarterback-needy team and pick up a future first-round pick.

Sorry, I'm getting off topic.

The priority of picking between a wide reciever and cornerback is hard to say. The 49ers are always looking to create competition at every position and based on the current state of the roster, it could be assumed that there will be more additions at cornerback and wideout. If you look at the team's six draft selections in the first three rounds of the draft, you can see the team has the ammunition to address both positions early in the draft.

Now when it comes to which position gets drafted first? Only Trent Baalke and co. know the answer.

We are not continuing the "49 in 49" series this year. But, you can find all of our #49ersDraft content in one place.


Never say never.

I outlined my draft thoughts in the first question. But I will add this: Baalke loves draft picks. To move up into the top-10 for Evans or top-5 for Watkins would be very different from what we've seen from the 49ers general manager. With Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree figuring to be the top wideouts in 2014, the team could focus on adding a complimentary player and potentially someone with kick return value to create competition with LaMichael James.

Fans love the thought of adding the big-name draft prospect, but let's not forget that making those moves will hinder your ability to stockpile prospects and depth at multiple positions.

Yes, but please bring me some gumbo or a sandwich from Cochon Butcher.

If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch the Colin Kaepernick workout video in Miami. I'll even paste it below and wait for you to watch it. Go ahead and enjoy.

We all know that Kaepernick takes his workouts very seriously and is very much like Vernon Davis when it comes to staying fit. I wouldn't assume that Kaepernick is only about fitness, speed, stamina - those sorts of things.

The 49ers quarterback takes his craft very seriously and loves to change the perception of what a quarterback can be. He enjoys playing the game his way. But, he also relishes the opportunity to make a big play. If it's with his arm or legs, Kaepernick is open to doing whatever helps the team win.

So with that said, the quarterback work that goes into the offseason is very much a part of his work.

Take what Jim Harbaugh said last week as a solid example:

“He works out, knocks it out early in the morning, then is bright-eyed and has got a ton of energy when he comes into the football meetings, and then he attacks that as well,” Harbaugh said. “And he’s very smart, one of the high Wonderlic test scores of all the starting quarterbacks (in the NFL)."

If you're not keeping socre, the team has re-signed Eric Wright and Perrish Cox, plus added Chris Cook to the cornerback group.

The 49ers could look at free agency for more depth, but as I mentioned earlier, San Francisco has several high draft choices and looks to be in position to add secondary help with one of those selections.

Home field advantage would help.

It's not the most important thing, but I think it's always a bonus to have the crowd noise in your favor.

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