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NFL Draft Day 2 Preview

Posted Apr 26, 2013

Trent Baalke previewed possible outcomes of Day 2 of the NFL Draft.

The 49ers are listening, but also prepared.

With three picks on day 2 of the 2013 NFL Draft, general manager Trent Baalke has a plan for all possible scenarios.

It starts with the second pick in the second round of the draft (No. 34 overall).

Baalke, the 49ers draft-day decision maker, will listen to phone calls should they come – but if they don’t – he’ll be prepared to make a selection.

“You never know what to expect,” the 49ers general manager said Thursday night.

Baalke kept his cell phone on all night if a trade partner stepped up with a deal too good to pass up. It's normal practice for a general manager in the NFL. The constant conversations this time of the year led to Baalke’s first trade of the 2013 draft, a trade up in the first round to select LSU safety Eric Reid. Baalke worked on the parameters of a possible trade with the Dallas Cowboys earlier in the morning and when Reid was still available at pick No. 18, the 49ers gave up the No. 31 and No. 74 overall selections to take their top-rated safety.

Baalke knows that the way the draft goes, he’ll listen, but he doesn’t have to act.

“If the phone rings, it rings,” Baalke said. “We’re prepared to make the pick. We’re also prepared to listen. If there are teams that are willing to move up and we feel like we want to move back, we will. If we feel like we want to make the pick, we’ll make the pick.”

After the No. 34 overall selection, which was acquired in the Alex Smith trade with Kansas City, the 49ers have their own No. 61 selection in the second round and their No. 93 overall pick in the third round.

San Francisco’s process of evaluating players remains crucial to the draft process. The thorough nature of it impresses Jim Harbaugh every year.

“To talk about our scouting department, to talk about our general manager Trent Baalke, there’s no amount of film that they won’t watch,” the 49ers coach said. “They’re not scared to watch anybody’s film, whether it’s in the SEC or any other conference, for that matter.

“And the same with our coaches. They watch the film, they grind through the film. That’s long. It is a hard process to evaluate and determine good, better, best. And ultimately somebody that you’re going to make that one pick on.”

The 49ers will continue to evaluate their draft board while fielding offers from potential trade partners. With one quarterback selected in the first round, San Francisco is in a prime spot to move back in the second round to acquire more picks.

However, if there’s a player they really want, the 49ers won’t hesitate to act.

“The players available are very close to one another,” Baalke said of this year’s draft class. “So, you’re going to address need in those situations and I think that’s what a lot of teams did (in the first round), us included.”

Baalke will continue to be flexible as to what could happen ahead of the 49ers in the draft. In his mind, the unknowns of the process make it challenging, but enjoyable.

“Everybody has their own board and they work off their own board,” Baalke said. “No two teams are alike and that’s what makes the draft so much fun.”

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