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Kassim Osgood is a Quick Study

Posted Jun 12, 2013

Jim Harbaugh praised Kassim Osgood after cramming to learn the 49ers offense over the weekend.

Wide Receiver Kassim Osgood signed with the 49ers on June 4. Just eight days and a full weekend of studying later, Osgood has the 49ers offense committed to memory.

"He showed up and we’re telling him the plays, where to line up, what route to run, what his blocking assignment was, every single play," Harbaugh recalled about Osgood's first few days with the team. "And then over the weekend, he must have just locked himself in his hotel room and studied the playbook all weekend because he came out here on Monday and didn’t have to tell him anything. He got the play in the huddle with the correct alignment, the split, the route, depth, everything was really good like he had been here all offseason. An example of a real professional and a guy who works at his craft."

Osgood enlisted the help of his cousin, Ed, who quizzed Osgood similar to a high school student studying for an exam.

"I ordered pizza and I studied all day," Osgood told the media before the second of three minicamp practices. "I'd rewrite the plays, draw the formations, say it out loud to myself, try to get my cousin to quiz me with little flash cards."

Osgood began his cram session last Thursday and was able to get the plays and his assignments committed to memory by Monday, just in time for the start of the 49ers minicamp.

The 6-foot-5, 220-pound receiver rarely left his hotel room and ordered delivery while his cousin, a former football player himself, rattled of play after play.

"It was like having a coach there all weekend," Osgood said.

Studying has always come naturally for Osgood, who made his school work a priority in high school as well as San Diego State.

"I take pride in studying," Osgood said. "It's one thing you can control. You can't control how much playing time you get, but you can control how much you know. I just want to have the knowledge to be able to go out there and at least compete."

The difference has been noticeable during the 49ers minicamp. Osgood is competing at wide receiver as well as several positions on special teams, making it even more crucial that he grasp playbook quickly.

"I want to be that utility guy, like Batman's utility belt," Osgood said. "Whatever you need, just open up a pocket and I'm right there."


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