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Colin Kaepernick Responds to Dilfer's Criticism

Posted Nov 13, 2013

The 49ers quarterback spoke briefly about ex-NFL signal-caller and current ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer's recent comments.

It’s safe to say that Colin Kaepernick uses outside criticism as fuel. His cataloging of mean-spirited Tweets is well documented.

He may have to start DVR-ing TV programs, too.

Kaepernick responded on Wednesday to the comments made by ESPN analyst and ex-NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer following the 49ers loss to the Carolina Panthers game on Sunday. Dilfer employed the word “remedial” to describe Kaepernick, who was sacked six times on the day, and his ability to advance through his progression of reads during a given pass play.

“I think you should ask him if he knows what my progression is first before he says that,” Kaepernick said.

San Francisco’s signal-caller added: “He’s not in the building with us so what he’s saying really doesn’t affect me at all,” Kaepernick said. “I’m worried about what this team thinks and what I’m doing in here with my teammates.”

Those ‘mates have the upmost confidence in their quarterback. Three leaders exhibited as much on Wednesday.


Linebacker NaVorro Bowman: “He's going to prepare like no other, come out Sunday and put on a show for us. That's just what we need. He's the leader of this team.”

Running back Frank Gore: Every year is going to get tougher. As long as he stands in there and keeps manning up and try to give his teammates his all, that’s all we want from him. Not every year is going to be great, they’re going to be tougher, but Kaepernick is doing a great job.”

Center Jonathan Goodwin: “He hasn't had the really big numbers he's had in the past, but I see a confident quarterback.”

For the record, Kaepernick is 6-3 as a starter this year. He was 5-2 in that capacity in 2012.

Why so many critics?

“That’s a good question,” Kaepernick said. “You’re going to have to ask them. I’m doing the same thing I was last year. Trying to prepare the same way. Making sure I’m ready to play.

There’s different components this year and last year, so it’s comparing apples and oranges. But I’m trying to go out and win games. I’m doing everything I can to try to help this team win.”

As for his reading of opposing defenses, there's also this to consider: Defensive coordinators, with more game footage to review of the third-year pro at their disposal, are scheming against Kaepernick on a weekly basis.

If he's seeing something new every Sunday, as his coach alluded to, Kaepernick has more to contend with than is obvious to the untrained eye.

"He’s one of those rare quarterbacks that can come in and play winning football at a very early time in his career," Jim Harbaugh said. "Those kind of quarterbacks are rare throughout the history of the NFL. He’s one of them that can do that. He’s done it. There’s evidence and he’s proven it.

“We don’t think anything’s wrong with Colin. We feel like his progression’s been very good. He’s played winning football for us and that’s what we expect."

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