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Coach's Notebook: Nov. 15

Posted Nov 15, 2013

Jim Harbaugh updated the media Friday afternoon on the status of Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, Eric Reid, Ray McDonald, and Marcus Lattimore Friday afternoon.

Jim Harbaugh addressed the media on Friday.

So, they’re going through the impact test now, but it doesn’t necessarily clear them, you guys still have to wait a day to make sure there’s no symptoms, anything like that?

“Yeah. They always wait to see how their symptoms are tomorrow if they are asymptomatic. So, yeah.”
Would you think that everything’s on schedule for them to be available for Sunday’s game?
“It seems so, yeah.”
What did WR Michael Crabtree do this week and what are your plans for him as far as his progression?
“Well, he had a week of running routes, of sprinting, pushing the sled, lifting, training and catching. He wasn’t part of the team workout, but controlled would be the best way to say it.”
Was that something that was planned or was that something that’s kind of evolved as the best course of action after the first week of practice?
“Yeah, I mean, that was partly both. That was the plan and it evolved a bit, tweaked a bit this week.”
You won’t be activating him for Sunday’s game?
“It doesn’t look probable, no.”
Is DT Ray McDonald going to be able to play or have you ruled him out yet?
“It looks like he’s going to be out.”
What about TE Garrett Celek?
“It looks doubtful.”
Does that mean that TE Derek Carrier comes up?
“We haven’t made a final decision on the roster spot. We’ll have a decision and an announcement tomorrow.”
Will there be an announcement or could it be that you keep 52 active on the roster?
“That’s possible. It’s possible.”
You made some changes this week that obviously affect your return game. How concerned are you about the production you’ve been getting in that area and how do you feel going forward with the new guys that will be in those roles?
“I feel positive about it. And they’ve had a good week of practice. That’s something that we’ll take it very seriously and we look forward to this opportunity.”
Yesterday we talked to RB Marcus Lattimore. He’s excited about the prospect of getting out on the field. Is that the plan right now, to get him out there practicing for three weeks?
“Yes. I’d like to get Marcus out there practicing.”
Have you been kind of blown away with just how much progress he’s made from the day you got him to now?
“Yes. It’s all been extremely positive with Marcus. Every time you watch him he’s working. He’s a hard worker. He’s a willing participant in anything that he’s asked to do. I think it’ll be a great step for him.”
He said that he’s learned more football in the past four months than he has in the previous 18 years. Can you see that growth in the classroom as well?
“He’s really, whether it’s classroom, weight room or field, that he’s just willing and very active.”
What kind of an impact does McDonald’s loss have on your defensive line? I guess DT Tony Jerod-Eddie plays more. Are you comfortable with him in that spot?
“Yeah. Tony, [TE/DT] Demarcus [Dobbs] both, it’s step-up time. And they have been. And they are doing so and we anticipate good things.”
One of the two losses for the Saints came against the New York Jets when Jets RB Chris Ivory ran for almost 200 yards. Have you been able to take anything from that game that you and this running game can apply on Sunday?
“We’ve looked at all the games this year, last year, the Dallas games from last year. So, we’re trying to take all those things and apply them, yes.”
Offensive coordinator Greg Roman said yesterday that one of the things going forward with receivers coming back is possibly changing personnel, maybe not being so reliant on two tight ends. How does WR Jon Baldwin figure into that and what have you seen from him over the last couple weeks? I know he only got three snaps on Sunday.
“I thought he had a tremendous week this week of practice and very competitive. You love a guy that’s going to give you everything he’s got and that’s what we’ve seen. I think that’s what we’ve all seen. You like to play a guy like that.”
Do you have any comment on Bat Kid (part of a local Make A Wish wish fulfillment) and what he’s brought to the region?
“I just saw it last night on the news and I just think it’s wonderful, wonderful. Great for that youngster and great for the city of San Francisco and the whole region. Excited to read about it. Saving lives for the day. I love it. That’s so good. Good deed in a weary world.”
People are good.
The Superdome is thought of as a tough place to play. You guys have done OK down there. Do you think you feel more comfortable there than you do in some other of the away spots in the league? It’s a place you guys have played well down there.
“I don’t compare it to other places we’ve played. We’re going to have to play really good football and you do everywhere you play, every team you play against. And this is going to have to be at the highest level and we understand that. That’s how we’ve prepared for it and know that the task it is. Be a hostile environment and our guys are anticipating that and looking forward to it.”
One more football question. T Luke Marquardt, could he practice Tuesday or is it pretty much – what are your thoughts?
“Yeah, some form or fashion. Like to see that. Wouldn’t say practice yet, but there will be some kind of participation.”
You could keep a guy going without actually having practice?
“Yeah, they could be involved in the stretch, the walkthroughs. So, we’ll see what his level of participation will be, but I think in some form or fashion, yeah. But, until that window opens up, they can’t even participate in the walkthroughs or stretch or post-practice stretch. Just be standing there while other guys are getting coached. Some level he’ll be doing more, which will be good.”
We know that the plan isn’t for RB Marcus Lattimore to play, but if a scenario happens where you would need him, is he healthy enough at this point to actually get on the playing field in addition to the practice field?
“That’s not the plan. So, don’t anticipate that.”

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