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Ask A Player: Michael Crabtree

Posted Feb 8, 2011

At the end of the 2010 regular season, 49ers.com fielded questions from the Faithful and sat down with wide receiver Michael Crabtree to get his responses to them.

Enjoy our latest “Ask A Player” feature and be sure to send in questions for our next subject, head coach Jim Harbaugh. You can send those questions here: ask.a.player@niners.nfl.com.

Q: First, I want you to know I think you’re one of the best receivers in the game. I was wondering who your favorite receiver is or was? Who made you want to play wideout and why? I am a 9er for life and would love to hear your answer. - Grant Hayes.
A: Who was my favorite receiver? I’d say (former Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver) Alvin Harper. When he used to catch the ball, I’d say to myself, “Man, he’s got the best hops in the league!” I liked the way he caught the football, especially the way he jumped for it.

Q: In your opinion what is the difference between being a wide receiver in the pros and at the collegiate level? - Michael Sommerville
A: It’s really all just football. But when you’re in the pros, there is so much involved in the game. It’s not just football, it’s being a pro. This is the highest level you can get to. Everybody is talented and everybody who is defending you is a lot better than in college. But I would say the biggest difference receiver-wise is running deeper routes than what I did at Texas Tech.

Q: Mr. Crabtree, I would like to know what are your expectations for next season and where do you see yourself in the near future with the 49ers?
- Donte O'Connor
A: We’re going to win. I can say we’ll be better. As for myself, next year I can see myself working to be among the league’s best.

Q: Michael, what motivates you most?
- Joseph Noel Horta-Hernandez
A: Family and competition.

Q: Hey Mike, so glad you’re a Niner - been a fan since birth! What's it like scoring a touchdown in the NFL? - Ryan Sween 
A: It’s electrifying. When you score a touchdown you don’t really know what to do, but with my celebrations, they’re just freestyles – every last one of them.

Q: What do you do in the offseason to prepare for the upcoming football season? - Jennifer Paxton
A: I plan on going hard, super hard this year. Not just this offseason, I’m going all out this year. I’m going after big things next year like the Pro Bowl. If I go to the Pro Bowl, I’m sure we’re going to be in the playoffs.

Q: Who is your best mentor on the team? - Jennifer Berkley Jackson 
A: I relied heavily on our former receivers coach Jerry Sullivan, 40 years around the game of football speaks for itself.

Q: Do you miss Texas Tech? - Ryan Walton
A: Yeah I miss Texas Tech. I miss my fans, those were some of the most supportive fans ever. I love Texas Tech fans. But I got love for my 49ers fans too, they’ve been supportive of me.

Q: Hey Michael, what's the biggest adjustment you made in year two and what do you see doing differently in year three? - paulthedukefan
A: For me, it was really about getting over mistakes and building on positive plays.

Q: What's the funniest nickname somebody gave you? - TruWarier37
A: I don’t know, I’ve had so many nicknames. Most of them make no sense. Most people call me Crab, but in college they called me Super.

Q: As a huge 49ers fan from England, how was your experience here?  What was your favorite experience other than the game? - Brian Davis
A: I loved it in England. I liked the whole setup. It was just something different. It was my first time in Europe and it’s always good to see something different, especially a different country. Man, that trip was crazy. I don’t even know how much I brought back with me from the trip, but I had to do a little shopping over there.

Q: What one play from the past two years stands out to you personally as the most memorable? - Mike Nygard
A: Good or bad? I don’t know…. To tell you the truth, my first touchdown ever in the NFL in Green Bay brings back memories. That’s really the biggest one I remember, I don’t really think back on my own plays like that until the end of the year. I think there’s more to come.

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