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Ahmad Brooks Upset with Flag, Not the Publicity

Posted Nov 21, 2013

Ahmad Brooks has been on SportsCenter more this week than any of the show's notable anchors.

Ahmad Brooks has been on SportsCenter more this week than any of the show's notable anchors.

Every 15 minutes or so, it seems like the 49ers outside linebacker is being spotlighted for his controversial hit on Drew Brees. Brooks, the eighth-year veteran linebacker, was fined for his sack on Brees in last week's road loss in New Orleans. Brooks was flagged on the play, negating a fourth-quarter fumble that would have been recovered by Patrick Willis. Days later, the NFL deemed that Brooks struck the Saints quarterback illegally and sent him a bill for the play.

Brooks plans on personally appealing the fine next week.

Sure, he’s mad about the penalty, but not necessarily the fallout from the aggressive play.

“I’m not upset,” Brooks said wryly. “Obviously it’s given me a lot of publicity.

"This is the most publicity I’ve ever had, off of one play.”

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Brooks has had plenty of chances to review the film. His initial reaction to the sack was, “That’s how you hit somebody.”

Even so, Brooks recognizes that the play was a game-changer in San Francisco’s fourth defeat of the year.

Brooks just wished it was viewed differently. The 49ers hybrid linebacker has 52 tackles on the year, plus a team-high 6.5 sacks. It would be a shame if the Brees sack overshadows his year-long performance.

“I thought it was a clean hit,” Brooks reasoned once more. “You can argue a little something here or there, but at the end of the day, it was a clean hit. I didn’t hit him in the head; I didn’t hit him in the neck.

“I hit him right here,” Brook said while tapping his chest with his left hand.

In addition to the televised coverage of Brooks’ sack, ESPN’s talking heads have reached out to support the 49ers linebacker. Most notably, Ray Lewis and Teddy Brushci, have offered to chip in for Brooks’ fine.

“I never thought I was going to get so much support from Ray Lewis and Ted Bruschi,” Brooks said.

In fact, Brooks spoke with Bruschi over the phone for 15 minutes. Brooks told the former New England Patriots linebacker that he appreciated a fellow defender being supportive, but he didn’t need the financial help.

Brooks hasn’t spoken with Lewis, but won’t rule it out. The former Baltimore Ravens linebacker will be on set this Monday night when the 49ers visit Washington D.C. for "Monday Night Football." Lewis previously said he would personally give Brooks a check to cover half of the fine.

Brooks has declined to accept the money.

Asked why he wouldn’t take Lewis up on his offer, Brooks replied, “Why should I? I’m alright (financially), man.”

The public support means a great deal to Brooks, but he’s focused on this week’s game in Washington. It also happens to be against the team his late father played for. Brooks grew up in the Virginia metropolitan area.

Brooks has plans to change his style of play. But he did say he will attack Robert Griffin III the same way he would against other mobile quarterbacks.

The 49ers linebacker is looking to move on from the debate of whether or not his sack of Brees was legal or not.

In his mind, the play happened so fast, all he could do was react and carry out his job.

“I turned the corner and you gotta understand,” Brooks began, “We’re pro athletes and everything goes so fast... I really didn’t need to dive into him, I ran into him.”




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