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Full Breakdown of San Francisco 49ers 2016 NFL Draft Class

Posted May 2, 2016

Take a complete look at the San Francisco 49ers full 2016 NFL Draft class.

1st Pick: DL DeForest Buckner

Trent Baalke:
 "(He's) an awfully good football player, excellent fit, high-character guy. Great working knowledge of him - simply our current coaches recruited him, know him well and know his family well. A guy that plays a high percentage of downs at the collegiate level.”

Buckner: "I’m really aggressive. I like to use my hands a lot in the pass-rush game. I also really like to use a lot of power in my game too, but also at the same time when guys expect power I’m using my athleticism, because I’m pretty athletic for my size and using speed with my hands.”

NFL.com Analysis: "Buckner has the body type of a classic 3-­4 defensive end who can control the point of attack with length and power, but he has above average pass-rush potential for that position."

2nd Pick: G Joshua Garnett

 "Very talented. You watch, another high-character guy, another senior, guy that went through the whole process. So there’s just a lot of things to like and a great fit. We’ve said all along, we want to run the football and he, in our mind, was the best run-blocking offensive linemen, interior guy in the entire draft.”

Garnett: “I’m going to have my notebook and my hard hat on, and I’m going to keep learning and learning as much as I can and soak up as much as I can so I can do whatever it takes to contribute to the team’s success.”

NFL.com's Analysis: “Team captain. Very good hand placement, upper-body strength and hip torque to steer and turn opponent on hook blocks. Generates good power from legs and hips. Block winner in tight space near goal line. Takes good angles to second-level block to make up for his lack of athleticism."

3rd Pick: CB Will Redmond

“This was the highest-rated young man on the board (at the time). We felt very comfortable with him at a position where we wanted to add some more competition. You can never have enough cover guys. Sixty-seven percent of what you do in this game is nickel and dime.”

Redmond: “I would say I’m an explosive guy, fast. I always want to make plays."

NFL.com Analysis "Plays with desired twitch and foot quickness. Has the physical tools to match up in tight, man coverage and mirror receiver with quality pattern recognition. Has burst to close out throws quickly and challenge the catch. Aggressive and determined in run support. Unafraid to step downhill challenge the run on his terms and near the line of scrimmage.”

    4th Pick: CB Rashard Robinson

     "Heck-of-a talent. We did a lot of research, did our homework. We actually have a strength coach on staff with us that’s from LSU, that worked with him when he was younger and knew him very well.”

    Robinson: "I play both sides of the ball. I’m an aggressive player, and just have a high energy for it. I like to compete. I love to compete, and I just want to dominate every time. I’m just trying to be a great competitor and a great pro.”

    NFL.com Analysis:: "Tremendously-long athlete with cover skills to blanket his target in press-man. Recovery speed allows him to sit on short and intermediate routes. Can flip hips and accelerate with his man down the field. Smooth change of speed to mirror double movers."

    5th Pick: DL Ronald Blair

    Baalke: "We look at him as a guy that can come in and move across the line of scrimmage, especially in the nickel package and really line up at all four positions. He’s a guy that gives you some versatility. He’s a high producer at his level of play. A great young man, A-plus guy and A-plus worker.”

    Blair: "To go to a great organization like San Francisco with all they've done in the history and all they're trying to do right now, I'm just grateful to even have an opportunity to put on those colors. I'm just thankful."

    NFL.com Analysis: "His coaches rave about his leadership and work in the film room. Good lateral quickness with his feet and is very effective as a pass rusher in twists up front. Accelerates down the line to squeeze cutback lanes against the run."

    6th Pick: OL John Theus

    Baalke: "John's a 48-game starter in the SEC. ... He’s played left tackle, right tackle, he’s also lined up at guard. The versatility is something you’re looking for.”

    "I’m the type of guy that can get in and bust my butt and work and play for a very long time. It’s what I’ve done my whole life, and I want to be the best I can be. I know that this coaching staff will help me get there.”

    NFL.com Analysis: "Reliable and consistent. Full-time starter for three of his four years at Georgia. Good height with arm length that meets the NFL standards. Plays with pretty good hand quickness and has a well-­timed punch with some pop behind it."

      7th Pick: OL Fahn Cooper

      Baalke: "He’s played inside. He’s played outside. So the versatility at that point in the draft, that’s hard to find, guys that have multi-aligned and played as much football as they’ve played.”

      Cooper: "I’ve really just been trying to stay calm. My parents have been really, really excited and really emotional. I’m looking forward to the opportunity. I’m looking forward to working hard with my new teammates. I’m ready to accept the call.”

      NFL.com Analysis: "Shows toughness in his approach and won’t back down from a physical challenge. Has the length to land an early punch on pass rushers and the big paws to snatch and ride a second-level linebacker if he gets into them squarely."

      8th Pick: QB Jeff Driskel

      Baalke: “Heck-of-an-athlete. You look at the numbers, he’s a young man that’s over 6-4. He’s 237 pounds. He ran sub-4.5. Just a tremendous athlete that’s played at two high-caliber programs. There’s a lot to work with there.”

      Driskel: “I haven’t had a ton of communication out there, but I’ve always hoped in the back of my mind that I would end up there just because of the offense and the scheme that they run out there with coach (Chip) Kelly, and I know it would be a great landing spot for myself. I’m really excited about the pick.”

      NFL.com Analysis: "Prototypical build and athleticism. ... Possesses arm strength and pace on his throws to challenge play-making cornerbacks in man and instinctive linebackers in zone. Can get ball out quickly with the flick of his wrist."

      9th Pick: RB Kelvin Taylor

      Baalke: “He’s aggressive. He gets on top of the defense quickly. He doesn’t have great long speed, he’s got competitive long speed. But, he can string cuts together. And running backs that can string cuts together and their feet match their eyes."

      Taylor: “I feel like I’m a great back, and I just feel like I’m a 'back who can do it all. I feel like I’m an every down 'back. I’m just ready to get out there in camp and ready to start making plays, and I’m just very thankful and blessed for this opportunity.”

      NFL.com Analysis: "Plays the game with advanced understanding of an NFL player's son. Able to find additional yardage on his own with vision and outstanding lateral agility. Sweeping jump ­cut eludes sudden road­blocks."

        10th Pick: WR Aaron Burbridge

        Baalke: "Productive. Tough. Excellent hands. Wins the majority of contested balls that he’s in, or contested situations, I should say. A lot to like, he’s a competitive young man."

        Burbridge: "I bring heart. A lot of people feel like I’m not athletic or I’m not big enough, but I play the game, I love this game so I play with heart. I make plays. I’m not as big as most receivers, but I play big just like them. So I feel I can make plays and be very productive.”

        NFL.com Analysis:"Has the body control and in­-air athleticism to contort and come down with spectacular catches. Able to drop down and secure low throws and extend beyond his frame for diving catches left or right. At his best breaking off routes with suddenness and opening quickly for timing throws."

          11th Pick: CB Prince Charles Iworah

          Baalke: "He’s a talented young man that can really run. He’s going to come in here just like the rest of them and compete. He has blue traits in his body, physically; run, jump, change direction, he can do all those things."

          Iworah: "We established something. We paved the way for Western Kentucky, and they need to take that serious. When you put that helmet on, it's serious business. It's not something to be cool about. It's who we are and what we are."

          NFL.com Analysis: "Has bouncy feet and brings necessary reactive quickness to position. Has twitch and acceleration out of breaks to chase the rabbit. Explosive athlete. Showed off blazing recovery speed at his pro day. Played with an understanding of body positioning versus vertical routes.”