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Sourdough Sam Fun Facts
Nicknames: Sam, Sammy, Samster, Sammiester, Samarama
Birthdate: Long Time Ago
Birthplace: Dem Dare Hills
Hometown: Dem Thar Hills
Lifetime Goals: More Super Bowl Rings
Hobbies: Fans and Cheerleaders
Favorite T.V. Show: 49ers in the Playoffs
Favorite Web Site:
Favorite Movie: Jerry Maguire...(had 49ers in it!)
Favorite Actor (Why): Robin Williams...49ers Fan of Course
Favorite Food: Garlic Fries
Favorite Color: Cardinal and Gold
Favorite Sport: DUHH!
Favorite Vacation Spot: Stadium Parking Lot C
Happiest When: DUH.....Winning!!
Most Memorable Moment: The Catch II... Because it happened three feet away and Terrell came flying into me knocking my boots off.
Favorite Appearance: Anything with the Cheerleaders
Favorite 49ers Player: Anyone who suits up in cardinal and gold
Anything Else: Sam has been featured on football on Fox, Monday Night Football, Sportscenter, Extra, MTV, Evening Magazine, Nickleodeon and other shows.

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